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williams.jpgWilliams Ceramic Coat - Paint Protection

Kings Road Garage are proud to announce the launch of another key product into our extensive range of vehicle care solutions. Car care experts AutoProtect, have teamed up with the Williams Formula One Team to provide the kind of paint protection only found, until now, on F1 racing cars “Williams Ceramic Coat”.

This 21st century paint protection technology offers the ultimate in Paintwork, Interior Fabric and Alloy Wheel Protection and is now available at Kings Road Garage.

Williams Ceramic Coat can be applied to both new and used vehicles (up to 5 years old) to maintain or restore factory shine.

Williams Ceramic Coat bonds into the paintwork pores, forming an extremely durable crystal clear ceramic finish. This provides genuine long-term protection which requires no maintenance other than washing. Tests conducted have shown Williams Ceramic Coat to be more resilient to solvents, weathering and general wear and tear than any other paint protection products.

The other good news is that the product has repeatedly demonstrated a capacity to keep vehicles looking cleaner for longer. Williams Ceramic Coat exterior treatment is also combined with a hypo-allergenic based, interior protection system. It is a market leading, environmentally friendly, non aerosol based product that is completely safe.

Product Benefits

  • New generation of paint protection (paint, glass, alloys and interior)- provides the best interior and exterior protection ever.
  • Protects against bird lime, solvents, sunlight, acid rain, tree sap, spillages and staining.
  • Exceptionally hard-wearing, providing protection against even the harshest weather and road conditions.
  • Eases the removal of everyday dirt and grime.
  • 5 Year, transferable, hassle-free guarantee.
  • Williams Ceramic Coat has been manufactured and packaged to minimise environmental damage. It is the most eco-friendly product available of its kind.

Contact a member of our team today to find out more about this exciting new product.

viezu_logo.jpgECU Remapping

Viezu Technologies is the result of many years of research, development and experience in automobile technology and car tuning. We offer only the very best in custom ECU remapping, car tuning and vehicle engine tuning using the latest ECU programming techniques and software available. Our core technical skills are combined with a passion for outstanding car performance tuning and customer service in everything we provide to thousands of motorists and businesses world wide.

Our growing network of Viezu-Approved dealers can be found throughout the UK and further afield. Viezu dealers provide car tuning, economy tuning and engine tuning services that are 'Best in Class'. When it comes to choosing a professional high quality engine tuner for your vehicle, you can trust Viezu. And as they're a Viezu-Approved dealer the tuning services they provide are fully insured. Use our ‘Find a dealer’ search button to locate your nearest Viezu-Approved dealer.

There are more than 15,000 individual ECU remapping files available through Viezu Technologies which means over 90% of all modern European vehicles can be tuned by a Viezu-Approved dealer. Whether its improved power, torque, or fuel economy it’s highly likely that your own car features in Viezu’s database of vehicle tuning - look for yourself with our Model Selector feature at the top of this page and find out now what untapped potential lies beneath the bonnet of your car.

All Viezu Technologies’ products, car tuning and services come with a full money back guarantee - so experience the benefits of engine tuning with complete confidence. Just ask us or your local Viezu-Approved dealer for further details of how our guarantees work.


From £299+vat

milltek_logo.jpgExhaust Options

Over 20 years of continuous exhaust development and technical expertise are drawn upon to develop the ultimate Milltek Sport range of performance products.

Milltek Sport offer an ever expanding comprehensive selection of Performance exhausts which build on the successes of key marques like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mini and BMW. This has placed Milltek Sport at the forefront of tuning companies and owners ‘must have’ list. Milltek Sport have appointed key distributors and are currently exporting to over 70 countries around the world.

Milltek Sport exhausts are produced in high quality type 304 aircraft grade stainless steel. This material is anti-magnetic (other manufacturers stainless steel may not be) and is less susceptible to discolouration. This quality of stainless steel is used on all pipework and the total construction of the silencer. Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow and Milltek systems are increased in bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid range torque.

exhaust.jpgWhy Buy a Miltek Sport Exhaust

Milltek Sport exhausts have a genuine performance edge - noticable power gains, sounds that are truely awesome, styled looks that are aggressive but discrete and a feeling of true exhilaration.

  • Transforms performance and driveability
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Substantial weight saving over original equipment systems
  • Precision, quality controlled manufacture to ISO 9001 standards
  • Highest quality aircraft-grade stainless steel
  • Low pressure systems for maximum performance - with no loss of low end torque
  • Responsibly developed and engineered
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Kindly inform us of your requirements for a quote.

kn_logo.jpgAir Filters

K&N’s replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. We make over 1,200 different replacement air filters for virtually every vehicle on the road. These filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box. Their drop-in design means adding performance is simple. With most vehicles you simply remove the disposable air filter and replace it with a K&N. Our stock replacement air filters for street vehicles are covered by our famous K&N Million-Mile Limited Warranty™ and will be THE LAST AIR FILTER YOUR VEHICLE WILL EVER NEED.


Kindly inform us of your requirements for a quote

super-charger-pulley.gifSupercharger Upgrade

pulley-pic2.jpgA specially modified supercharger pulley. Designed to increase the supercharger speed, improve throttle response and mid-range power by 20bhp. Supercharger pulley upgrades are unlike other modifications because they provide HP gains throughout the RPM range. Intake and exhaust systems are good for low and top end performance, but only this upgrade can help improve your mid range performance. For that reason this pulley will deliver performance in a way you never felt before. As a package, an ECU remap will increase the performance even further in the most cost effective and beneficial upgrade yet. Contact us for a quote.


£299+vat pulley only and £599+vat supplied and fitted

Polyurethane Suspension Bush Kit Upgrade

Polyurethane has been with us as a specialised plastic for some thirty years. However recent advances have now made it possible to engineer very special properties into this exciting material. Suspension bushes are some of the most highly stressed components fitted to a motor car. They undergo enormous strains and in the most arduous of conditions with no maintenance or lubrication.powerflex_logo.jpg

The material they are manufactured from is a rubber compound containing natural products which deteriorate with age. It becomes softer and more pliable, resisting the forces placed on it less and less. Therefore allowing more and more movement of suspension components and offering less and less control over the suspension geometry.
This in turn causes accelerated tyre wear, braking instability and poor handling. This is the single biggest reason you can instantly tell the difference driving a three year old car compared to a showroom new one. However even new cars will benefit from POWERFLEX bushes because of their superior design they offer much more effective control of the suspension components to a much greater extent than normal rubber items.

With the technological advances in this material it has been possible to overcome the common problem associated with harder bushes which is increased noise. By correctly engineering the polyurethane compound, bushes can be made 25-30% stiffer than new rubber items but with exactly the same noise absorbing properties. POWERFLEX bushes make sense.

  • POWERFLEX for prolonged tyre life.
  • POWERFLEX for improved performance.
  • POWERFLEX for increased safety.

With 20” wheels, POWERFLEX bushes remove the uncertain wavering while cornering at speed, increasing confidence and stability. Available on a huge number of vehicles, for Jaguar;

XJ40, XK8/R, XJ8/R


Price example for a steel bodied XKR

  • Powerflex bush kit only: £360+vat
  • Powerflex bush kit supplied and fitted: £945+vat

Car Covers

Heavy Duty

These car covers are ideal for long term outdoor storage. They are fully waterproof, breathes through vent and very strong and durable.


  • Soft cotton lining is gentle on the cars bodywork
  • Totally waterproof material.
  • Vent allows cover to breathe.
  • All seams electronically welded so water cannot enter.
  • Strong elasticated tie-down straps prevent cover lifting in strong winds
  • All car covers come with storage bags.
  • Outdoor use only.
  • Car must be completely dry prior to fitting.


Price examples are for a Steel bodied XK

£183.83 inc vat & home delivery

Light weight breathable

These lightweight breathable car covers are ideal for cars in regular use that are kept outside or partially covered. As the car cover is fully breathable the cover may be used inside or outside. The lightweight fabric provides the perfect combination of a weather resistant car cover which allows any existing water on the car to evaporate through the fabric. Each car cover comes with three straps as standard for extra security. May be used with a cable lock.

  • Deters vandalism.
  • Protects against frost, snow, tree sap and birds.
  • Gives UV protection.
  • Protects against knocks and scratches.
  • Car can be wet when fitting cover.
  • Can be used indoors.
  • Fully breathable.
  • All car covers come with storage bags
  • This car cover has been awarded best product 2008-2009 by Practical Classics


Price examples are for a Steel bodied XK:
£183.83 inc vat & home delivery

Custom Lightweight Cover

This fully breathable lightweight car cover is ideal for cars in regular use that are kept outside.

  • Individually hand made to order for any car.
  • Protects against frost, snow, tree sap, bird droppings etc...
  • Deters vandalism.
  • Gives UV protection to paintwork and interior.
  • Protects against knocks and scratches.
  • These car covers come with there own duffle bag.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • May be used with a cable lock for security.


Price examples are for a Steel bodied XK:
£224.68 inc vat & home delivery



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